Cultural and artistic association Raga Slovenia intends to spread the awareness of hundreds of years old tradition of Indian classical music and culture. We organise and conduct concerts of Indian classical music, we collaborate with educational institutions in Slovenia. With our activity we want to contribute to the Indo-Slovenian relations and open a new opportunity for a creative exchange between the two cultures.

Raga Slovenia therefore wants to connect with educational institutions; centers of culture; music festivals; organizations dealing with Indian philosophy and meditation; individuals interested in Indian music and culture in one way or another; individuals and organizations in India that are connected with Slovenia and companies operating in the context of Indo-Slovenian relations or those who would like to support us. Raga Slovenia is affiliated with the Indian Embassy in Slovenia.



Through music programs for children and youth take on a journey to distant India to learn about its wonderful music and the tradition while listening to Indian instruments live!
Raga Slovenia has designed various programs in the context of Indian music and culture. Children and young people will learn about Indian folk and classical music, Indian poetry and a songs in Slovene language tuned into Indian melodies, as well as a musical fairytale while listening to typical Indian instruments such as sitar, flute bansuri and percussion tabla. They will learn about how to create an Indian rhythm and melody, and learn how we can sing and play Slovenian songs in the same way.
Like in humans, moods also change in music. At workshops, children will find out what kind of moods Indian music offers and what music is played in different seasons.
Rohan Dasgupta will present a musical instrument sitar and a percussion instrument tabla. The bansuri flutes and children's poetry will be presented by Ivana Kočevar. The program was also selected in the cycle "Concert That Comes to You" at the Glasbena mladina music association.
Each workshop is a work of authorship and is adapted to the groups according to their wishes. Workshops are suitable for groups of children and young people of all ages.


Would classical music be more attractive if it was improvised, unpredictable and full of surprises? The world-renowned musician Rohan Dasgupta - the master of improvisation on the Indian classical string instrument - sitar will introduce the ways of improvisation in Indian music. The goal is to introduce to young people how to improvise, as one of the most important elements of concert music, and offer the opportunity for open, intercultural understanding of classical music. What is improvisation? What are frames for improvisation in Indian music? How do we improvise through rhythm and melody?
Musicians, participants of the program, will try out this form of improvisation during the musical session with their own instruments in improvisation and embark on an unpredictable musical journey to distant India.
The program is suitable for musicians interested in modal improvisation and wider approach to improvised music. There are no age limitations, the program can be adapted for different levels of complexity.


Rohan Dasgupta - concert sitarist

Rohan comes from a traditional Indian musical family from Calcutta. He learned sitar and Indian classical music from young age from his uncle Pt. Harashankar Bhattacharya and was awarded several times in national competitions. In his career, since 2009, he has appeared on world stage festivals in India, Asia, Europe and America, and has released several albums in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists. Through the years of performing and research in music, Rohan created a unique musical expression, and for his work he received numerous awards and recognition from the Indian Government.
In the last year, he performed on several occasions in concert stages in Slovenia and conducted educational programs on improvisation in Indian classical music.

Ivana Kočevar –flutist, pedagogue

After completing the Conservatory of Music and Ballet of Ljubljana, where she played traverse flute, the interest in the vocal and sound of the wind brought her on the journey of learning Indian classical music and the bamboo flute bansuri, which she has been studying under tutelage of Indian master Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia in his school in Mumbai and at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts in the Netherlands.
She has performed in various musical projects and is the author of numerous musical programs for children and young people, before which she taught block and transversel flute in Ljubljana and Novo mesto.



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