Sitar & Bansuri

Young maestros Rohan Dasgupta and Bhaskar Das integrate in their creative expressions to bring out the beauty of pure and traditional sounds of the Sitar and the Bansuri. The ethereal vibrations of the acoustic Sitar and Bansuri creates an unique meditative sound experience, and takes you through a journey of peace and tranquility.






Sitar duo

Two of the most promising stars of the present times, Rohan and Deepsankar, have mastered the art over the years together to reach their personal perfections, the collaboration merges the dynamics and aesthetics of the lilting sounds of the two Sitars, and creates an unique kaleidoscopic soundscape.







Rohan Dasgupta and Aravind Bhargav came together to combine and integrate the two emphatic genres of Indian classical music. The ornamented and oscillating phrases of the carnatic Mandolin intertwined with the sonorous and mellifluous sounds of the north Indian Sitar creates an enthralling musical tryst. Sailing through rare and popular Ragas, each of their presentations creates an unique experience.


A confluence of free and spontaneous creative expressions, combining intricate musical elements of Indian classical and jazz music.
‘Anatma’, as the name suggests, is a selfless journey in the quest of satisfying notes and rhythms, it’s a reflection of sensible musical aesthetics set on the trails of freedom and union of musical minds of the artistes, continuously searching for the common elements ranging from ragas to songs and improvised compositions without restricting the flow of music towards any particular. The music of Anatma is solely based on spot exchange of creativity within the artistes, each reflecting their very personal choice of expressions connoted from their diversified musical upbringings, knowledge and aesthetics, thereby creating a unified sound by respecting each other’s traditions and languages which often takes the listeners through a journey of trance and oneness.

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