Cover art - Rohan Dasgupta

Naad Sutra - 2016

Young maestros Rohan Dasgupta and Bhaskar Das integrate in their creative expressions to bring out the beauty of pure and traditional sounds of the Sitar and the Bansuri through this album ‘Naad sutra’, a meditative sound innovation dedicated to world peace. Within the transcendental resonances of Gongs, Bells, Drone and Mantra hums, the ethereal vibrations of the acoustic Sitar, Bansuri and Surbahar creates an unique meditative sound experience and takes you through a journey of peace and tranquility.

Cover art - Rohan Dasgupta

Ratidhwani - 2015

A classical collaboration between eminent tabla player Pandit Sandip Banerjee and Rohan. The album holds musical interpretation of love through romantic and traditional Ragas like Kirwani and Jhinjhoti.


Cover art - Rohan Dasgupta

Sages - 2014

In this album, Rohan discovers the deep rooted traditional values of a sage through meditative expressions of the morning Raga Ahir Bhairav and Bhairavi. The album also features a special collaboration with his sister, eminent singer Koyel Dasgupta Naha presenting a light classical seasonal song of the spring. Accompanied by maestros in traditional Indian Rhythm of tabla by Sandip Ghosh and mridangam by Shankar Narayanswami. The album concludes with a spriteful carnatic composition.


Cover art - Mirajur Rahman

Emotions - 2013

Emotions is a collaboration project involving maestros like Pandit Udai Mazumdar, Ali Zieme, Bapi Daw, Bhaskar Das and Ayan Mukherjee, extending individual expressions on Rohan's compositions. This Album portrays some special moments  like the ‘Truth of life‘, the emotional tidings of the ‘Khyber Pass’ , blissful sentiments  attached with the word ‘Ma’ (mother) and the ruthless passion of the ultimate end ‘Vinash’ (Cosmic destruction).



Cover art - Mirajur Rahman

Ritual - 2011

Dedicated to his guru Pandit Harashankar Bhattacharya , the album 'Ritual' is Rohan's tribute to the rich spiritual legacy of India.He weaves magic with five unique compositions , each reflective of a particular mood in a traditional Hindu ceremony .Each melodic interpretation has a distinct individual flavour and brings you closer to the divine.




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