Training and beyond

 Experience

Rohan has been nurturing and practising the art of Sitar playing since more than 20 years. A seasoned performer, composer and teacher, performed with 12 international collaborations in over 16 countries across the globe and released 10 albums till date. Moreover, he has presented lecture demonstrations in music schools, universities and music conservatories in various European countries.

 Career highlights

 2003 - Winner of Maya Mitra music competition, Kolkata, India.

 2003 - Winner of Pandit Vishnu Digambar award, Mumbai, India.

 2004 - Winner of music competition held by Bharatiya Sanskriti Parisad, Kolkata, India.

 2006 - Received scholarship from Rotary club of Kolkata for outstanding young musician category.

 2006 - Composed music for English documentary film on Street food of Kolkata.

 2007 - Received National scholarship from Indian government for outstanding student of music category.

 2008 - Composed music for dance Drama ‘Uttyarayan’ combining the classical dance forms of India.

 2008 - President’s award for winning the All India Radio competition.

 2009 - Surmani title from Kal ki Kalakar, Mumbai.

 2009 - Ravi Koppikar Award from National centre for performing arts, India.

 2009 - Collaboration with German musicians Hendrik Schaper and Guenter Haas in international music album ‘Cinemascope’.

 2013 - Released world music album ‘Emotions’ in collaboration with German and Indian artistes, Ali Zieme, Ayan Sengupta and Bapi Daw.

 2014 - Collaboration with Marinho Nobre, Hollywood music composer for international music album ‘World Citizen’.

 2014 - Released album ‘Sages’ Indian classical music with Sandip Ghosh and Shankar Narayanswami.

 2015 – Awarded Gidnaar Ratna award, Gujrat.

 2016 - Released album ‘Naad Sutra’ the sounds of meditation, a collaboration with Bhaskar Das, Koyel Dasgupta Naha and Malcolm Woods.

 2017 - ICCR (Indian council of cultural relations) empanelled artiste

 2017 - Anatma debut album release by Slam records UK.

 2018 - Giuliana Soscia, Indo-Jazz music project worldwide album release.

 Strength

Rohan has imbibed music since childhood as he was born into a musical family, later, at the age of 9, he was taken to learning Sitar in a traditional way ‘Guru Shishya parampara’,living with his guru and learning the art form and the way of life. He has learnt the intricate and rare ‘Jafferkhani’ style of Sitar playing, (a meticulous and complex style of Sitar playing created by legendary Sitar exponent Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan), belonging to Indore Gharana of north Indian music. Years of rigorous practise and learning has shaped his individual style of Sitar playing, credited for the clarity of complex technics played over a Kharaj Pancham Sitar (including the 4th base string) complimented with the intricate dynamics of the melody, his Raga recitals achieve a higher foundation and create a sonorous musical experience.

As a world musician Rohan is constantly growing with his experiences with his several international collaborations, with an open mind, his work reflects the use of Sitar in both traditional and contemporary forms of music as an attempt to uphold Sitar as a world instrument by reaching the instrument beyond its traditional boundaries, and widening its scope and possibilities, which he has been constantly searching for, experimenting and creating.

 Background

Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan on one of his visit to Kolkata in the late 90s blessed Rohan to commence his journey of music learning from one of his senior disciples Pandit Harashankar Bhattacharjee, who happens to be Rohan’s uncle. Rohan learnt in the traditional process of Guru Shishya Parampara* for several years and perfected his skills and matured his knowledge over implicit nuances of Raga music, he was also blessed to have learnt from Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan in several life defining sessions. Later, Rohan has also learnt from the legendary Sarod artiste Pandit Budhhadev Dasgupta for a short time. Tabla artiste and composer Shri Udhai Mazumdar of Beneras gharana has been guiding Rohan in the art of Indian rhythm and its interpretation on Indian music improvisations. Koyel Dasgupta Naha, Rohan’s older sister, has been a constant source of inspiration who is specialized in Indian classical vocal music and has influenced Rohan in his musical upbringing since his initial days.

 Current projects

 Projects with Indian artistes at present :

o Sitar duet with Deepsankar Bhattacharjee (cousin).

o Carnatic and Hindusthani music jugalbandi with Aravind Bhargav (Carnatic mandolin).

o Sitar and Bansuri duet with Bhaskar Das.

 International collaborations at present : o

‘Anatma – An Indo-Italian music project’ with Daniele Di Pentima (Drums), Riccardo Di Fiandra (Bass) and Luigi Di Chiappari (Piano).

o Indo-Jazz project of Giuliana Soscia (Pianist/composer), Rohan Dasgupta(Sitar), Mario Marzi (Saxophone) Paolo Innarella (Flute) Sanjay Kansa Banik (Tabla) and Marco De Tilla (Double bass)

o West meets east project with Pandit Udhai Mazumdar (Tabla/composer), Alexandru Tomescu (Violin), Bhaskar Das (Bansuri) and Sinziana Mirca (Piano).

o ‘Sitar and Lute’ with Italian Lutenist Emilio Bezzi.

 Endorsement

 Vice president of cultural organisation ‘Aarohi Arts Association’ based in Kolkata, India.

 Artistic director of cultural organisation ‘Raga Slovenia’ based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


ICCR empanelment
President’s award
Rotary club scholarship
National scholarship
Vishnu Digambar award
Ravikoppikar award
‘Surmani’ title
Gidnaad Ratna award